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Ball Shape Lip Balm Filling Line

Short Description:

EGLB-01 Ball shape lip balm filling line is circle type hot filling and cooling line,not only for ball shape lip balm production,also suitable for tube lip balm,jar lip balm,deodorant stick,face stick,SPF stick,blush cream,petroleum jelly etc..

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Ball Shape Lip Balm Filling Line

EGLB-01 is a ball shape lip balm filling line with circle type conveyor for filling and cooling hot liquid balm into mold and then finish releasing by hand to get finished products..

Circle type with customizing puck holders based on different tube/jar products helps better achieve wider application.

Ball Shape Lip Balm Filling Line More Target Products Besides ball balm

· Lip balm,deodorant stick,petroleum jelly,face balm,SPF stick etc..

lip balm filling machine
deo stick
deo stick tube
vaseline filling machine 1

Ball shape lip balm filling line Mold (options)

· Ball balm mold 

  .Puck holder for tube balm/jar balm

. Capacity

· 35 lip balm/min 

Ball Shape Lip Balm Filling Line Features

· 1 sets of 3 layers of jacketed vessels 25L with stirrer

· Equipped with single filling nozzle,gear pump filling system,filling volume adjustable

Filling Accuracy +/-0.5%

. All parts contacted with bulk be heated 

. Hot filling into aluminum ball balm mold firstly

. Air tunnel cooling system after hot filling to cool hot balm into solid

. Finish releasing solid balm from mold into empty ball balm packaging

. Finish capping by hand to get finish products

Ball shape lip balm filling line Optional parts:

 · 150L heating tank with pump to feed hot product into filling tank automatically as option

. Piston filling system as option

. Automatic 5P cooling machine with faster cooling function as option 

 .Automatic loading cap system as option

 .Automatic labeling machine as option

Ball Shape Lip Balm Filling Line Specification





Body material




Ball Shape Lip Balm Filling Line Youtube Video Link

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Eugeng is a professional and creative company of machinery for cosmetics in Shanghai China. We design,manufacturer and export cosmetics machines, such as lip gloss mascara & eyeliner filling machines, cosmetics pencil filling machines, lipstick machines, nail polish machines,powder press machines, baked powder machines, labelers, case packer and other cosmetics machinery and so on.

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