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Automatic Tunnel Freezer

Short Description:

Model EGCT-5P is an automatic tunnel freezer cooling machine designed for the production of hot filling/pouring,such as lipstick,lip balm,deodorant stick,face stick,vaseline,wax,hair pomade,shoe polish,cream wax,makeup remover, and so on.

5P cooling machine and 10P cooling machine for choice according to different product volume and required capacity.

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Automatic Tunnel Freezer

Model EGCT-5P is an automatic tunnel freezer cooling machine ,wide application for all kinds of hot filling products, such as lipstick,lip balm,face stick,deodorant stick,hair pomade,shoe polish,cream wax,makeup remover and so on.

Automatic cooling machine can be made with tunnels type inside and also can be with liner type according to products volume and capacity needed.

Automatic Tunnel Freezer Features

.   Design for two tunnel with 2-4 station(option) and frost moving

.Stainless steel 304 frame

.Temp control by digital T.I.C

.Conveyor speed and cooling temp controlled according to the type of product

Cooling tunnel with 5 conveyors inside , with blowing cooling air form top .

. The guider on conveyor need adjustment for different size stick

. Temp control by digital T.I.C

. Min temp is -20°C, start and stop temp is adjustment

. Defrost time is adjustment

. Conveyor speed can be adjustment 

. Stainless steel 304 frame with foam in the jacket

. Electric power: 240V Single phase 50/60HZ, 5000W

Component :

.Refrigeration systems

. France Danfoss,Meter Danfoss

. Fan:China KUB,Controller:China KI&BNT

Automatic Tunnel Freezer Specification





Body material




Temp range


Machine size


Can be customized according to actual needs about product volume, cooling temperature,cooling time and production capacity needed.

Model with big size as below for reference.


Automatic Tunnel Freezer Youtube Video Link

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