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Cosmetic Hot Filling Machine

Short Description:

EGHF-02 Cosmetic hot filling machine has 2 filling nozzles for filling 2 jars once at the same time.

It is equipped with mixer and heater.Heating temperature can be set as needs.

It has preheating functions for setting heating date and heating time.

EGHF-02 Cosmetic hot filling machine adopts piston filling system,which has high speed and easy for cleaning.

Can be customized with 4 nozzles as demands.

Product Detail

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Cosmetic Hot Filling Machine

EGHF-02 Cosmetic hot filling machine is semi automatic a hot filling machine,designed for production of hot liquid filling products,as cleansing cream,blush scream,liquid powder,liquid eyeshadow,petroleum jelly,balsam,ointment,hair wax,shoe polish,car polish,wax balm product etc..

cosmetic hot filling machine
cosmetic hot filling machine 1
cosmetic hot filling machine_副本
cosmetic hot filling machine 1

Cosmetic Hot Filling Machine Target Products

shoe polish
blush cream filling
cream filling

Cosmetic Hot Filling Machine Features

.Piston filling system, filling speed and volume can be set in the touch screen

.With mixer and heater,mixing speed and heating temperature adjustable

.3 layers jacket tank with 50L

.2 filling nozzles and filling 2 jars once at the same time

.Or 2 filling nozzles, filling 4pcs once

.Servo motor control filling,filling head can be made with going down&up when filling from bottom to up as demands

.Filling volume 1-500ml

.With preheating function,preheating time and temperature can be set as needs

Cosmetic hot filling machine speed


Cosmetic hot filling machine components brand

PLC&Touch screen is Mitsubishi, Switch is Schneider,Relay is Omron,Servo motor is Panasonic,Pneumatic componets is SMC

Cosmetic hot filling machine optional parts

.Automatic feeding empty jar/bottle system

.Automatic pressing cap or automatic capping machine

.Automatic cooling machine

.Automatic labeling machine

.Auto shrink sleeve labeling machine

Cosmetic Hot Filling Machine Specification

shoe polish filling machine 000

Cosmetic Hot Filling Machine Youtube Video Link

Cosmetic Hot Filling Machine Detailed Parts

cosmetic hot filling machine 2
cosmetic hot filling machine 1
cosmetic hot filling machine

                  50L heating tank with mixer

Piston filling system,driven by servo motor

Two filling nozzles, filling 2pcs once,guider size adjustable as jar/bottle size

cosmetic hot filling machine 3

Oil tank to heat pipe for keeping constant temp filling

cosmetic hot filling machine 5

Preheating function,preheating time and temperature set as needs

cosmetic hot filling machine 4

Panasonic servo motor,Mitsubishi PLC and touch screen

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