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27th CBE China Beauty Expo in Shanghai City 2023.05.12-05.14

lip gloss filling machine 2


This time,we mainly display our EGCP-08A full automatic compact powder press machine,,EGMF-01 Rotary lip gloss filling machine and EGEF-01A automatic eyeliner pen filling machine.

Machine in the pictures is EGMF-01 Rotary lip gloss filling and capping machine.Compared with standard machine,there is special design to add bottle direction sensor,automatic filling steel ball system for filling eyeliner product and automatic loading wiper system.

Bottle direction sensor to help check bottle reverse.Once it happens,machine will stop in the position between automatic pressing wiper and automatic capping stations,which ensures safe and smooth operation and avoid any unnecessary delay and damage for product.

Automatic filling steel ball system makes machine to have wider application for liquid eyeliner pen.

Automatic loading wiper system helps save one labor to feed wiper. Also suitable for different size wipers with only adjusting wiper guider size based on real wiper size.

Lip gloss filling machine

It is our upgraded rotary lip gloss filling machine, which has more valuable functions and attracts many clients at home and aboard.

Finally,this display machine in EXPO is sold to one client from Taiwan and at the same time,we also met many regular and new clients and developed new business relationship because of this upgraded rotary lip gloss filling machine.

mascara filling machine

Post time: Jun-07-2023