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Difference between Silicone lipstick filling machine and Aluminum mold lipstick filling machine

Firstly, Silicone lipstick needs to be filled into silicone mold firstly, then cooling, finally releasing lipstick into lipstick tube by vacuum.

Besides aluminum mold,also there is silicone mold to be equipped.

And silicone mold has its life time after being filled about 300-400 pcs lipsticks.

Silicone lipstick looks more glazing and high level and can be customized with company logo or pattern.

Full automatic rotary silicone lipstick filling machine as below.

Rotary type machine with preheating system for silicone rubber, automatic hot filling,auto cooling ,reheating,automatic cooling and final releasing.

silicone lipstick filling machine_副本silicone lipstick mold

2nd,Aluminum mold lipstick needs to be filled into aluminum mold directly and then cooling, finally releasing lipstick into lipstick tube.

Without silicone mold inside of aluminum mold.

Aluminum mold lipstick filling machine can be considered as economical investment business with much lower cost than silicone lipstick filling machine.

Simple line with single nozzle lipstick filling machine,lipstick cooling machine and lipstick releasing machine.

Lip pencil also can be made by this lipstick filling line.

Easy operation and no spare parts with much more cost as silicone mold.

lipstick filling linelipstick filling machine (2)

Which one is better for use?it depends on orientation and budget.

If economical type,aluminum mold lipstick filling machine is better.

If high level lipstick product with brand customized logo or pattern,silicone lipstick filling machine is the most suitable.



Post time: Oct-27-2022