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Special design lip balm filling machine

Happily to share this one popular single nozzle lip balm filling machine with cooling tunnel.


It has special design with cycle conveyor and customized puck holder,which helps make whole line wider application,

for all kinds of small volume hot filling products as lip balm,ball balm,SPF balm,face balm stick,deodorant stick,balm jar,ointment jar,blush balm etc..


Single nozzle hot filling machine with gear pump filling system for filling volume 1-30ml.

Cooling tunnel with cooling temperature range 0-15 degree centigrade.


For bigger volume products,use 2 nozzles piston filling machine instead of single nozzle gear pump filling machine.

2 nozzles hot filling machine is suitable for 1-500ml volume.

At the same time,use 5P cooling machine instead of simple cooling tunnel.It has 5 tunnels inside of cooling chamber.

And lowest cooling temperature can be -20 degree centigrade to make hot products become solid in short time,

which make production capacity higher and is helpful to match with high production capacity requirement.


Lip balm filling machine requires hot filling. It needs heating tank with mixing function.Heating temperature is adjustable as production demands.

Mixing speed is also adjustable.


Heating tank has preheating function.Preheating time and temperature can be set. So balm can be melted well before working time.When it is time to work,

it can be filled directly with no need to take more time to heat balm for melting firstly.


For different bottle/jar.only customize puck holders without need to adjust conveyor size and related machine parts,which also make operation much easier. 


For much more convenient to feed hot liquid into filling tank, it can be equipped with one big volume tank as 500L volume.


500L tank has heating and mixing function.Its pump and heating pipe help feed hot liquid into filling tank directly.


Based on different bottles, optional parts automatic loading cap system,automatic capping machine and automatic labeling machine to choose as specific needs.

Post time: Oct-25-2022