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Automatic Eyeshadow Press Machine

Short Description:

EGCP-08A automatic eyeshadow press machine is an automatic powder press machine,designed for production of eyeshadow,face powder,blush,eyebrow powder,two way cake etc..It is easy to operate.All the data including pressing position,pressing speed,pressing pressure,pressing time can be set in the touch screen.

EGCP-08A automatic eyeshadow press machine can press 20-25molds in one minute.As 20mm aluminum pan,one mold can be made with 4 cavities.So its speed is to press 80-100 in one minute.

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Automatic Eyeshadow Press Machine

EGCP-08A automatic eyeshadow press machine is a full automatic powder press machine,designed for production of pressed face powder,two-way cake,eyeshadow,blush,highlight,eyebrow pressed powder.
Servo motor control pressing ensures high speed and stable pressing pressure.Current pressure display in the touch screen.Pressure can be set as needs in the touch screen.

Automatic Eyeshadow Press Machine Target Products

EGCP-08A Automatic eyeshadow press machine is a fully automatic rotary type press machine,specially used for production of eyeshadow,pressed face powder,blush etc..

Eyeshadow press machine 10_副本eyeshadow press machine 11_副本eyeshadow press machine (2)

Automatic Eyeshadow Press Machine Details

.Speed 15-20molds/minute(900-4800pcs/hour)

.Mold customized as aluminum pan size,

.For 20mm size,one mold made with 4 cavites,speed is 60-80pcs/minute,which means 3600-4800pcs/hour

.For 58mm size,one mold made with one cavite,speed is 15-20pcs/minute,which means 900-1200pcs/hour

.Tell us your aluminum pan size,let us help calculate how many cavites for one mold,then know its speed

Automatic eyeshadow press machine Features

.Operator put aluminum pan into conveyor and conveyor loading pans automatically

.Auto picking up pan and put into pan

.Auto powder feeding,with level sensor check powder positon to ensure enough powder for feeding

.Auto powder pressing driven by servo motor,pressing from downside and max pressure 3 tons. Pressure can be set in the touch screen

.Auto fabric ribbon winding 

.Auto discharge the finished products,conveyor with pan bottom cleaning device. Also there is  blower gun  to clean the dust powder in the surface of pan

.Auto dust collection system for molds

Automatic eyeshadow press machine Components parts brand:

.Servo motor Panasonic, PLC&Touch screen Mitsubishi, Switch Schneider,Relay Omron,Pneumatic componets SMC,Vibrator:CUH

Automatic eyeshadow press machine for making compact powder,eyeshadow,blush etc..

Automatic Eyeshadow Press Machine Specification 


Automatic Eyeshadow Press Machine Youtube Video Link

Automatic Eyeshadow Press Machine Detailed Parts

eyeshadow press machine_副本Rotary type,total 8 sets of molds
eyeshadow press machine 1_副本Aluminum pan conveyor guider size adjustable as pan size
eyeshadow press machine2Auto picking up 4 cavities once and put into mold


eyeshadow press machine 3Auto pressing 4 pans to ensure being into mold
eyeshadow press machine 4Auto powder feeding with level sensor check
eyeshadow press machine 5Servo motor pressing,pressure set in touch screen


eyeshadow press machine 6Auto discharge finished products then cleaning mold system
eyeshadow press machine 7Pan bottom cleaning device 
eyeshadow press machine 8Discharge conveyor with blower gun to clean pan surface


eyeshadow press machinePowder hopper separated with pressing machine
eyeshadow press machine 9Powder dust collection tank under powder hopper
eyeshadow press machine 07kgs powder hopper in line with GMP standard


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