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Eyeliner Filling Machine

Short Description:

Model EGEF-01 Eyeliner filling machine is specially designed for filling liquid eyeliner as eyeliner bottle,eyeliner pen.

Eyeliner filling machine is equipped with auto steel ball filling system.

Product Detail

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Eyeliner Filling Machine

Model EGEF-01 Eyeliner filling machine is  design for the production of liquid eyeliner, as liquid eyeliner bottle,eyeliner pen.

Can be equipped with automatic pressing cap function and automatic capping function for different eyeliner products.

Eyeliner Filling Machine Target Products

Eyeliner pen

Eyeliner bottle


Eyeliner Filling Machine Product Detail:

·1 set 15L pressure tank 

· Piston controlled dosing pump, and with servo motor driving,while filling while pen moving down 

. For liquid eyeliner, equipped with stop dripping valve to ensure no dripping when filling and after filling

.Using ceramic valve for liquid eyeliner instead of copper valve

·Accuracy +-0.02g

·Filling unit designed for easy strip-down cleaning and re-assembly to facilitate quick change over

·Touch screen control system with Mitsubishi brand PLC

Servo motor  Brand: Panasonic Original: Janpan

Eyeliner filling machine puck customized

POM(according to the diameter and shape of bottle)

Eyeliner filling machine Capacity


Eyeliner filling machine Optional

Can be equipped with heating and mixing functions for tank

Extra one tank

Extra one set of piston and valve for fast product change and cleaning

.Automatic capping function for eyeliner bottle

Eyeliner Filling Machine Specification

Model  EGEF-01
Production type rotary type
Capacity  1200-1500pcs/h
Control type Servo motor& Air cylinder
No.of nozzle 1
No. of pucks 12
Pressure tank 15L/set
Display PLC
No. of operator 2
Power consumption 2.5kw
Dimension 1.2*0.75*1.8m
Weight  350kg
Air input 4-6kgf

Eyeliner Filling Machine Youtube Video Link

Eyeliner Filling Machine Detailed Parts

Eyeliner filling machine 1

Rotary table with 12 puck holders


Automatic filling steel ball


Automatic filling,driven by servo motor, small filling nozzle for eyeliner

lip gloss filling machine 55

15L pressure tank

eyeliner filling machine

Ceramic valve

lip gloss filling machine 5

Press plug by air cylinder

eyeliner filling machine

Press cap by air cylinder


Automatic discharge by air cylinder

lip gloss filling machine 33

Mitsubishi PLC touch screen

lip gloss filling machine 44

Panasonic servo motor, SMC Pneumatic components

1 (10)

Rotary table speed is adjustable


Customize puck holder as shape and size

Company profile


Eugeng is a professional and creative company of machinery for cosmetics in Shanghai China.We design,manufacturer and export cosmetics machines,such as lip gloss mascara&eyeliner filling machines,cosmetics pencil filling machines,lipstick machines,nail polish machines,powder press machines,baked powder machines,labelers,case packer and other cosmetics machinery and so on.

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